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Message from Regional Director

I welcome you to website of National Institute of Open Schooling, Regional Centre Gandhinagar.

As you may be knowing, The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is an autonomous institution of the MHRD, Govt. of India. This has been established to provide quality school education to    people throughopen and distance education mode.

The NIOS offers complete range of schooling will addition of skill oriented programs. As you go through the details, you will come to know that the NIOS has lots of flexibilities and facilities which give a total control on learning to the learners. These arrange from admission to successfully completing the programs. The learners are able to take admission without having any pass certificates, they may choose any subjects of their use, and they may study as their pace and convenience and can take examinations whenever they wish to.

The Regional Centre Gandhinagar of NIOS is one of the centres established by the NIOS for bringing school education to the people. This offers programs in Gujarati medium apart from Hindi, English, Urdu, etc.

I am sure; you would go through detail on NIOS and will come to know more about NIOS.

The website which you are looking at has been developed and designed to provide you such information and many more items of your requirements. The website has two major components: to serve as a repository of information and document on NIOS and specifically on Regional Centre. Secondly, it has a very useful component of interactivity which helps the user to seek clarification, ask for more details, leave their complaints, send their comment or review, give feedback and make any kind of dialogue they wish to have with the Regional Centre, Gandhinagar.

The website also has the facilities of live chat and interaction over the Skype. It also provides space to the study centre and learners to leave information about themselves, write their blogs and interact with their peers.

I hope that all the people which have anything to do with Regional Centre Gandhinagar will find this website useful for their requirements.

I encourage:

  • All the learners to make use of the facilities provided at the website.

  • All the study centers to use this website so that they are able to work conveniently with Regional Centre.

  • NGOs and others institutions to help people make use of facilities provided by the NIOS and partner with us.

We will look forward for your suggestions, query and comments on this website or any aspect of NIOS you feel like writing.

(V. Santhanam)

Regional Director

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